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Protecting Your Rights and Your Future Against DUI Charges

A DUI arrest can be a frightening experience. A DUI conviction, however, can change your life forever. You may face significant jail time, severe fines, the loss of your driving privileges, and even the suspension of professional licenses.

You need an attorney to fight for your rights and protect your future.

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How Can Our Attorneys Help?

  • We will take the time to make sure you understand your rights and what might be at stake in your case.
  • Our attorneys have significant experience helping people being charged with DUI.
  • We understand how to attack the prosecution’s case to protect your rights.

If you choose us to represent you, we will begin working on your case immediately. Our first steps may include:

  • Examining the evidence that law enforcement has collected against you.
  • Reviewing field sobriety tests, lab results, video footage, and eyewitness testimony.
  • Scrutinizing the process that law enforcement used to determine the blood alcohol content (BAC) you are accused of driving with.

When you are charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, there are two incredibly important

Preservation of driving privileges

The most immediate concern that most people have after a DUI is “will I lose my license?”. In some cases, you may lose your driving privileges temporarily (through suspension) or permanently (through revocation) depending on the details of your situation.

This is why it is critical to speak with an attorney right away. An attorney can get to work on your case immediately, explore all options, and do whatever they can to protect your driving privileges. This is even more important when you rely on driving to earn income or have to commute for work.

Avoiding a criminal record

The most important aspect of DUI defense is avoiding a criminal record. A criminal record can impact your life in ways that many people may not understand at the outset. It can affect your employment status, career development, housing situation and family life. In fact, a criminal record will likely have a more significant impact on your life in the long term than a loss of driving privileges.

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